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@agentqvake portrays daisy so beautifully. she writes her with so much depth and emotion and development that exceed what the writers have showed us on the show and tati herself is such an amazing precious cupcake who should be protected and cherised forever!

@mrsjcrvis is such an amazing Ana; and so very much on point with her characterisation. She understands her character so well and it translates amazingly well into her writing – not to mention she has made me flail with emotion on many of our threads. Keep up the good work Ally, you’re tops!

@mrsjcrvis is such a delightful ana jarvis. when i read her replies, i can just HEAR ana almost like lotte verbeek is reading out loud right next to me. ally is so talented at writing any character she takes on, but she’s outdone herself with ana. 100 / 10 would recommend

@tectoniics is seriously one of my favorite Daisy RP’ers. She knows Daisy so well and all of her headcanons for her are so extensive and well thought out. Even out of character she has such a wonderful personality which makes all interactions IC & OOC just an delight. ♥ Love you June!