I know my dad won’t see this, and I know a lot of people won’t see their fathers this way, but my dad is the reason I am who I am today. My mom is an abusive alcoholic and I have to deal with it. But my dad makes sure I don’t deal with it alone.
Everything you see here, just a small picture of our beautiful back yard, has been picked up from dumpsters, woods in the middle of nowhere and even painstakingly restored to working condition (at the time, the gas pump on the left served as one hell of a keg for a few years.)
Now I’m out here, cooking my dad’s favorite food and enduring the mosquitoes and looking at all of this ‘junk’ and I just see moments that we spent together.

And to be honest, he reminds me a lot of Coulson.

My dad is a special kind of dad. I wouldn’t trade him for the world.


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