“Three seasons in the making, the showdown between the woman formerly known as Skye, and the body formerly known as Ward, was one of the more physically and emotionally brutal fights we’ve seen on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Particularly exciting is the fact that it involved all of their respective skills. It would have been easy to have this battle be strictly Inhuman, with Hive and Daisy relying solely on their powers to duke it out, but the sequence instead combined the raw humanity of the characters with their admittedly awesome powers.Daisy landed just as many physical punches as she did powered gusts, and the fact that she was landing them on the face of Ward made it that much more intriguing to watch. The two characters have been linked together from the beginning, no matter whichversion has been present, and this showdown was the culmination of three years of hurt, betrayal, and pure, unadulterated, rage.“ [AP2HYC TV Award 2016: Best Fight Scene]


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