Recycling a banner because I can. This was long overdue omg, I’ve been so busy with school that I couldn’t make it, but here I am!! On June 10, I celebrated this blog’s second anniversary, and just a few weeks after that, I hit a milestone of 500 followers. I can’t thank you guys enough for being around, even if we don’t talk or roleplay often, I love having you here and know that the muse that I love, and even myself or my writing, are being appreciated somehow. THANK YOU! 

I still can’t believe I’ve been playing TJ for so long nor that his muse is still strong with me, thanks to him I’ve learned so much and met incredible people down the road. 

I don’t wanna make this post long nor corny, so let’s go to the part y’all are waiting for. Under the cut, there’s a list of people who I love. If I forgot someone, which wouldn’t be strange from a scatterbrain like me, I apologize in advance and please know that I love you all.

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