Too Much I Have To Say

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“No you can’t- can’t… you can’t do this, not like this. I can’t just… I can’t just… say goodbye. I- I have too much I want to say.”

Lincoln Campbell is dead.

She searched for weeks, hoping against hope that he found some way out of it. FitzSimmons had scoured the atmosphere, Coulson had reached out to all his sources, and she had seen the world looking for him. But it doesn’t matter how hard you look if there’s nothing to find.

Lincoln’s death tore Daisy apart, and the dark guilt, the knowledge that it was her fault, drove her over the edge. Now, six months later, she’s on the run from SHIELD. Coulson is determined to find her, determined to fix her, but she knows now some things can’t be fixed.

But Mack doesn’t take defeat so easily. And with the help of the brilliant FitzSimmons, he might just have a plan to save his partner….

Words: 232, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at


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